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Procure Tiger

In this era of COVID-19, there is the need to maintain social distance while also maintaining standard of service delivery. The Procurement/Purchasing Unit of your organization is the most exposed because they constantly have to interact with Contractors/Consultants in the following forms:

  • Receiving bid document (quotations, proposals etc)
  • Holding bid opening
  • Evaluating the bids received
  • Holding pre-bid, negotiation meetings with Contractors and several other ways

Procure tiger

ProcureTiger is a complete e-Procurement Solution designed to digitize all Procurement activities in your Organization.

  • With ProcureTiger, you have no need to physically interact with any contractor.
  • ProcureTiger is transparent, secure, auditable, affordable, offers ultimate value for money and
  • ProcureTiger can be customized to suite your Procurement needs.

Procure Tiger

ProcureTiger is a globally accepted brand and is currently patronized by 300+ Companies worldwide. Our clients include Coca-cola, ABB, Atlantis The Palm in Dubai, Asian Development Bank, Lafarge Cement in India, Damart, Hindustan Unilever and many others.

  • can be used by any Organization to procure any item in the world
  • can conduct international bidding & auction without the bidders visiting your office;
  • allow integration of payment system to receive tender fee to your organization;
  • has Contract Management System modules to automatically prepare your workplan and progress report;
  • has successfully conducted over 5million E-Tenders & E-Auctions
  • has processed over 2Billion Transaction;
  • currently caters for 300+ clients worldwide;
  • is familiar with legality and trade laws; and lots more


Naijacontract is an online portal where all “invitation to tender” are published to the public for free. Naijacontract will be relevant to its subscribers in the following ways;

  • Inform Contractors of recent Contract adverts available for bidding
  • Provide daily updates on the happening in Government Contracts in Nigeria
  • Direct Contractors on which Newspaper to purchase
  • Save Contractors the cost of calling and travelling from one state to another to get relevant information about Government Contract;
  • Inform Contractors when an advert closing date has been extended;
  • Inform Contractors if the technical and financial evaluation of an MDAs is concluded;
  • Inform Contractors when a notice board adverts is pasted.

NaijaContract Benefit

Above is only a few of the benefits of this application to Contractors but as it grows, its other benefits will become visible and this benefit may include;

  • The whole process of buying bid document and paying from your mobile phone;
  • Receiving and submitting bid document online from your mobile phone; etc

Benefit of NaijaContract

These are only a few of the relevance and benefits of naijacontract mobile app, the possibilities are endless. There will be improvement and introduction of new features to the app as we progress and demand increases.

Financial Involvement

Naijacontract will be relevant to a lot of people living in Nigeria and abroad, these persons may include but is not limited to bankers, farmers, contractors, diesel marketers, consultants, construction workers etc. in the following ways;

  • Bank marketers/insurance brokers will be informed of bid openings in the MDA's where they can meet with Contractors to market their packages such as Advance Payment Guarantee, Performance Bond, Loan etc;
  • Farmers will be informed when there is an advert for the supply of grains or improved seeds which will enable them monitor their market and control the prices;
  • Consultants of several professions will be informed when there is a request for Expression of Interest in their field so they can indicate interest;
  • Business center operators will be informed of the location where activity is increasing so they can mobilize to attract customers that needs to make photocopies, typesetting, printing, binding etc.

Automated due diligence

Automated Due Diligence (ADD) is a system which enables anyone to confirm the genuineness of any Compliance Certificate by simply sending an sms [TXT NCT PENCOM (RC number) to a short code (Airtel: 35120, MTN & Etisalat: 5556)]. This returns a message from a database indicating whether the certificate is genuine or not.

This system is easy-to-use and will go a long way in complementing your website to eliminate fake compliance certificates from the procurement process. The database is a well secured closed system that can only be accessed by the administrator of the issuing organization whose duty is to upload/update entries into the System.


Our solution, ProcureTiger is of International standard and is also user-friendly. It is designed to accommodate users with little or no ICT knowledge. We also have a dedicated team of 100+ help services who can manage your procurement once you share your specification.

Our Partners

ProcureTiger was developed by our Partner, E-Procurement Technologies Limited. This company with Headquarters in India, is a CMMI Level 5, STQC, ISO 27001 & ISO9001 Certified Company with over 13years experience in providing E-Procurement Solutions.


E-Bidding is an all-in-one platform where Contractors/Consultants check for available tenders, pay the non-refundable fee for tenders they are interested in and download Standard Bidding Document (SBD)/Request for Proposal (RfP). This E-bidding platform will operate on a Partnership basis and the parties involved are your Organization, Paystack and 2C’s Project Ltd Naijacontract .

This platform will enable Contractors/Consultants tender for your Projects, with ease. This platform will greatly reduce the cost/time-taken by Contractors/Consultants in responding to tender publications and obtaining Standard Bidding Document (SBD). It will also increase transparency in your Procurement Processes which will indirectly boost competition between tenderers.

From our research, we have gathered that the present mode of operation by most Procurement Department in various Organization is filled with many avoidable hurdles. The processes lined up from seeking out tender publication to collection of Standard Bidding Documents is laced with stress and unnecessary expenses. Hence, the development of E-bidding.